Anh-Vu Nguyen

Solution IT Architect with over 20 years of leadership experience in designing innovative business solutions. I help customers find their way to the optimal solution and deliver amazing experiences and applications.

Skilled in Cloud Computing, Information Management, Application Development, Network, Security, Infrastructure and Virtualization. I prepare companies for Digital Transformation, Cloud migration, Secure networks, and Data encryption.

During my career, I have delivered several projects for integration, sales, collections and business user experience. Comfortable with analyzing and understanding data and processes. To the challenges of budget or incomplete requirements, I bring the focus on users, delivering big value in all packages and in timely manner.

What I Do

Architecture & TOGAF

I analyze and define a long-term vision and business strategy for companies. I determine system architecture requirements to achieve business goals. I gather detailed business requirements and use cases, and translate technical specifications into product requirements. I'm a pivot in architecture governance, as I can either talk with technical expert and with end-users.

Business Analysis

I identify business needs and I develop solutions to fulfill the requirements. I create a development plan and I put that plan in action. I break down big picture into manageable packages. I allocate the proper resources for each situation.

Project Management

I achieve a goal in timely and costly manner. I define and clarify the project scope. I ease the communication between each actor. I remove impediment, or I mitigate its effects. I assess the resources and allocate the right tasks. I control the budget and the timeline for each package.

Global IT Knowledge

I'm curious and resourceful. I like to learn and make new stuffs. Even if I have a long and rich experience, I'm still amazed by my job every day.

Service Oriented Architecture

I define best practices and processes to use in supporting the design and implementation of SOA-based applications in existing infrastructure. I use different interaction models including resource-oriented, method-oriented, or event driven.

Web Application Development

Skilled in Server Side Scripting and Coding, I define the guidelines and libraries that are used for development. I maintain a consistent documentation, and deliver better readability and understanding of the source code.

Infrastructure Management

I achieve overall effectiveness of IT processes, policies, data, human resources, equipment and applications. Using monitoring tools, I help to make the smarter IT decisions, I prevent disasters, I improve user experience, I reduce operational costs.

A keen eye for detail

I do research and study my sources, so I check all data. I write down my work in documentation, then I can share it with my teammates. I continuously improve the documentation and reference documents.

My Clients